Summer Blog- Building Your Business Plan

So, this summer, I want to take you step by step, day by day on how to build a solid Business Plan.  Why create a business plan?  The Business Plan you build is your roadmap to your enterprises journey and helps you and any investors and lenders you are trying to attract understand what your plan is and who your companies identity.  There are many FREE resources out there that can help you build that plan.  The goal of this blog over the summer is to help you in UNDERSTANDING each part of what is put into a Business Plan, and help you work on it a little at a time, day by day!

It took me over 80 days to build my very first business plan.  Now it takes me about 2 weeks.   By doing a little every day following this blog, it will make it bite size and easy to tackle.

I also encourage you to check for free resources out there that give you the actual template! TIP: Check your Banks Resources and Tools under their Business Account Area on their web pages.  So let's get this started!!!!

Here we go... happy writing!